Undetectable assasin - glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a disease associated with impaired outflow of aqueous humor from the eye (the substance filling the anterior chamber of the eye) what results in a progressive loss of optic nerve. The disease of the outflow disturb the raise in eye pressure, which can damage retinal cells and optic nerve. Consequently, the patient has a narrow field of vision and reduced sharpness. One should not underestimate the glaucoma, because this disease can cause blindness. In addition it may be asymptomatic over a long period. The indicators that should worry us are recurrent headaches, principally in the morning. In addition, the patient may notice rainbow-colored spots, or rainbow-colored halos of different subjects and have a narrow field of vision. As time goes by, the symptoms may lead to problems with balance or conjunctivitis that is almost impossible to heal.

The above symptoms are a warning to us that the eye changes irreversible. The sooner we start the treatment, the greater chances to save vision. Patients suffering from glaucoma can undergo cyclofotocoagulation by endoscope. Our partner clinic advises this procedure due to its high effectiveness, safety and applicability to any glaucoma. During the procedure, the eyeball is filled with probe with a diameter of 1mm. This is succeeded by coagulation of the cillary of epithelium body, influencing secretion of aqueous humor. Closure of small blood vessels in the ciliary body results in a lower production of liquid and consequently a reduction in pressure in the eye. Compression of the optic nerve is blocked and as a result the vision deterioration process is stopped. Compared to the other methods available on the market, cyclofotocoagulation by endoscope does not limit the specialist in the post-treatment procedure. Drug therapy or surgery is available. It is estimated that 90% of patients have reduced pressure by 30%. Unfortunately it is impossible to limit the devastation that have already appeared, but the disease  can be stopped to a large extent. Reduced pressure may be observed as early as in the same day- after surgery. Such surgery costs 750 Euros in Poland.