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Another loud information concerned doctors from World Hearing Center in Kajetany (near Warsaw). They were awarded the Monte Carlo gold medal of the Prix Galien international competition for introducing the first National Network of Tele-audiology of the world. The method improves life quality of people with impaired hearing or speech by the implementation of telemedicine revelations. The patients also highly esteemed the skills of Polish expertss. Another repeatedly growing field is implantology, which is gladly recommended by medical tourists. As shown in the above examples, the Polish specialists from many fields of medicine are recognized worldwide and are also members of international scientific societies and lecturers at the best universities..

Clients want to go to Poland because they demand, specialized medical staff, inventive methods and a high standard of services. An important aspect is the economical one, because depending on the medical procedure, the costs are 3-4 times lower than in Western Europe or the United States, while high quality and the standard of medical services is maintained. Another aspect is short time of expectancy for medical procedure. The terms of procedures are usually flexible and can adjust the schedule of the patient. One has to remember that everything depends on particular medical treatment. Apart from the health aspect, patients pay attention to tourist attractions - which Poland is not missing. Poland is environmentally diverse with variety of attractions in offer.