Features of a good medical tourism agent

medical treatment abroad

The actions of medical tour operators rely on professional customer service of groups as well as individual customers and fruitful completion of the plans concerning recreation and medical assistance. The duties of the intermediary can be fulfilled in a form of a package or can focus on good treatment. Deciding to work with a particular medical tourism agent, we should pay attention to the set of attributes that such person should have. It is the medical intermediary who focuses on our safety and appropriate organization- it also refers to the selection of the finest medical center for the clients. It is worth to identify the business partners of our agent (including clinics, hospitals, hotels, SPA & Wellness), because this mirrors the standard of services. The spectrum of intermediary's activities cover complete coordination from the moment of inquiry for a specific medical service through the introduction of the offer, sending the medical records that are needed to undergo a surgery, program preparation that takes into account events concerning recreation and observation of organization procedures.

Monitoring of the patients' health even after home arrival. A good agent should have medical knowledge about the clinics, with which he cooperates, medical offer and specializations of doctors. Moreover, it is good if the intermediary bear the certificate of the Polish Association of Medical Tourism. The association approve the authenticity and credibility of services. The broad  knowledge of the city and the region is also necessary to prepare interesting tourist offer and propose the patient the specific forms of leisure -  between stages of the treatment. Good manners, empathy, communicativeness, commitment and dedication of time to the client are appropriate personal qualities. It is worth to say that the agent is in a way patients' lawyer. He should be able to answer all important questions such as: risks of the surgery, time of the convalescence and any other issues. If you have any concerns, the tour operator agent stays constantly at the disposal of the patient, even via cellphone, or assigns a relevant person who serves with help.