Destination - Poland?

Medical travel

Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are the most popular trends in the field of medical tourism in Europe. Where to go when considering the treatment? ? First of all, one should take into account the specialists, and undoubtedly Polish doctors are in the world lead- especially in the field of cardiac surgery. Polish-American Heart Clinic is recognizable- it is the structure of more than 20 specialized and professionally equipped clinics of cardiac surgery, angiology and interventional cardiology. Statistics on the effectiveness of treatment exceed other indicators of medical centers abroad. Also, they show it all- more than 26 000 hospitalized patients every year who rely on Heart Clinics. Not to mention the success of the Polish neurosurgeons, who recently managed to restore the use in the legs of a paralyzed man. The information about the new method of treatment and surgery of the spinal cord is now a well-known international fact. What is the most important, the doctors from Wroclaw are looking for the willing people to confirm the efficacy of this innovative method.