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The patients who decide for treatment in Cracow, can plan the trip individually or can use the help of medical tourism agent. Such visitor can reach Cracow directly from more than 50 cities in Europe, what is more, the connections are growing. The map of regular and charter flights is available on the airport website:,c70/flight-information,c71/destinations-map,a5.html.

We will find there information about arrivals, departures and operating airlines:,c70/flight-information,c71/airlines,a182.html.

Krakow Airport is the second largest airport in Poland, located approx. 11 km from the city center, where you can get by urban bus such as 292, 208 and 902, taxis, or by the help of intermediary.

Traffic and means of transport determine the time of the travel. Traveling by bus can take approx. 45 minutes, while choosing a taxi approx. 30 min. When we decide on bus it is worth to remember about getting the ticket. The ticket can be received in a ticket machine at the bus stop or in the vehicle (the coins are necessary to buy tickets inside the bus). Sometimes it happens that the bus driver will sell the ticket (although it is not his duty). The ticket must be always validated, elseways it is invalid. Daily buses run approximately every 20 minutes. 902- the night bus can run from 23.00-4.00. When using the services of medical agent one does not need to worry about the trip, which is meticulously planned. 4 HealthTravel assist the client and takes him/her directly to the clinic or the hotel. The patient is always accompanied by "guardian of the patient" who speaks English. What is really important for us is to know about the flight number, airlines, potential delays or cancellation. Taxi drivers, that work with us, are always on time. This is unquestionably the best solution. We also help you look for the most convenient flight connection at the best price. Oslo-Cracow flights can be found starting from 30 EUR! 49.00 GBP for London to Cracow flight. Just write to us using the form available on our website and we will plan the entire trip to show the highlights of Cracow.